Step By Step Guide To Creating Your First Website

Step By Step Guide  How To Creat Your First Website

You must ask yourself the question “What is my purpose for being online?” A website is your online real estate. Store fronts and office buildings are places for doing business. Well, your website is your place for doing business.

what is your purpose for being online?

The very next question you need to ask your self is “what is my purpose for being online is it personal or business”. Maybe your interest is personal. Maybe you are promoting an event at your school or church.

ASB at your schools fundraisers can be promoted. You could just have a better mouse trap you would like to sell to the world. You will need your own website.

Maybe a web presents is not in your best interest if your interest are personal like sharing pictures of your love for trees, birds, or bugs.

You probably would benefit more from reading one of my articles on how to Facebook or BLOG.

If promoting an event at your church, chamber of commerce or perhaps a fund raiser for you school team or ASB then a mix of BLOGGING, Facebook and a website would be in order for you.

Know Your Purpose?

For our purposes here we will concentrate on the construction of your web page. You may have noticed I called it a web page and not a website.

If you noticed this go to the front of the class. Websites are made of web pages. It could be a one page site or a multiple page website. So when we build a website we will build web pages and assemble a website from them. Think of it as a deck of cards being made from multiple cards stacked together.

If you Google” lady bugs” you will see Google’s S.E.R.P. “search engines results page”. Every one of these listings is only one page from someones website.

They could be articles, sales pages, squeeze pages, even Face book fan pages show here.

Like I said for this article we will build a simple web page and get it online.

The Basic Requirements 

The next very important question you need to ask yourself is

“what are the things I will need?” I am glad you asked. First understand not all the things you need are free but many are. Though I will not name specific products, I will suggest when they can be had for free.

    1. A Domain name:

This is the name of your interest and the internet real estate it will be at. There are many choices to get one and you will have to pay about $10 a year for your domain name.

    2.  A Hosting account:

This is where your domain lives so the World Wide Web can find it when someone searches your domain name. This too will cost you.

Your registrar “the place you bought your domain” will usually host for you to. You can move your hosting from where you bought your domain by changing the named server to a different host but we will not cover that here.


   3. A Web Editor:

This is where you’ll build your web page. You can write text, ad photos. Put HTML codes on your page. There are some very expensive editors out there but there are very good free editors also.

   4. A FTP client:

This is where you transfer your files from your web editor to your hosting account so there World Wide Web can find it.

All your sites files will live at your FTPs home so make sure the all get loaded. There are free FTP clients available that work great.

These are all you need to get online with your very First website.



Now let’s get this website up.

First Get your domain name by Googling DOMAIN NAMES and pick the registrar you wish. Your domain name should be keyword strong.

Read my article on keywords and their important. This “for discussions sake is where we will assume your hosting is also”.

The web editor you pick

is very important because some cost a great deal and have a big learning curve. I have found the free editors are very user friendly and are FREE.

Again, Google free web editor and take your pick. Write some text in there and maybe ad an image from your own computer and save everything in file called index.html.

This is very important because this is the file you will load to your hosting account using your FTP.

The FTP client isn’t hard to find.

Don’t let the client part of the name throw you it’s just part of the name. Google FTP CLIENT and usually the first one on the Google S.E.R.P. is the most popular. Upload your new FTP client and open it.


The FTP is actually showing you two computers.

The files on the left are in your computer and on the right the files on your hosting computer. On the right side find the public_html file and open it.

This is the file you will upload your index.html file into. Right click on your index.html and a drop down will show with a down load in it.

Click this down load. Your index.html should show on the right side in your hosting files.

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