How To Recover Data From Hard Drive

Recover Data From Hard Drive

If you have been using computers for a while, you must have heard that the data that is stored in your hard disk is not necessarily safe.It Will be destroy any time but you can recover it.

Those of you who think that this is not true will need to face reality.Be aware that it is actually true. This can be attributed to the fact that hard drives are not as sturdy as other methods of storage like CDs and DVDs.

Hard disks are mechanical and active devices which will make them have a higher tendency to break down when compared to other non mechanical devices.

When a hard disk breaks down, there is the chance that the data it had will be lost. This raises the question, how to recover data from hard drive.


Another factor that can contribute to the loss of data is the user who is using that computer. This can be done by erasing data from the hard disk by mistake or by causing the loss of data through use of malicious software.

There are several ways you can recover data from hard disk drive. Sometimes, you will find that your computer is not responding or it is not behaving the way it should.

At other times, you might find that the computer was being used by someone other than you and they may have deleted that particular file. If you are a Windows XP user, you can be able to recover data from hard drive very easily.

Process Of Recovery

All you need to do is to go to the start button and click it. Once the options appear, go to all programs and click on the accessories button. On the options that appear after the accessories, click on the system tools button.

You will see options like disk defragmenter, back up, system information and etc. Click on the button that is called system restore.

On the pop up window that appears, click on restore my computer to an earlier time then click next.

After clicking next. The window that appears will have a calendar of which you can choose a date to restore your computer to. Make sure you choose a date that is just around the time you last saw the file.

Once you confirm, you will be able to restore your computer to that time.

The file will be in its location once the computer has finished rebooting. That is how you recover data from hard disk.

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