Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Programs

What is Multi Level Marketing Affiliate Programs?

For over the years, people are looking for ways to make a living online. After that affiliate marketing comes in when CDnow launch its first affiliate program. And followed by Amazon, their associate programs has helped and make those who want to make a living online success in affiliate marketing. As network marketing becoming famous, the concept has been used in some affiliate programs as well. Some called it the multi-tier affiliate programs; some called it the multi level marketing affiliate programs.

How does a multi level marketing affiliate program works?

It works pretty much the same just like a network marketing business. When you make a sale, you will earn a small percentage of the money. While you too, can recruit members, and those who joined under you. When they make a sale, a small percentage of the earnings they made will go into your pocket as well.

There are actually quite a lot of multi level marketing affiliate programs out there. One of the best examples is MoreNiche. Where it is free to join as an affiliate, and at the same time, you can recruit and promote their products online. It works exactly the same as ordinary affiliate programs, just that you can recruit members, which work as a sales force and promote for you.


Disadvantage of multi level marketing affiliate program

It is always a clever choice to participate in a multi level marketing affiliate programs, simply because you can sit back and relax, while watching your members help you promote the affiliate products for you. However, there are some dark sides as well, as you know, nothing is perfect. The most critical disadvantage of a multi level marketing affiliate program is that the percentage which you can earn from your members is very low, mostly is from 1-10%.

This makes your earning from your members low at the beginning. Unless you have a huge network of members, or else you should concentrate in promoting your own affiliate links rather than recruiting. Some of the multi level marketing affiliate programs have the plan where once you make a sale, that particular customer will become your member directly. This is a win-win situation.

Having said all that, it is better to promote a few types of affiliate programs at the same time. Simply because this is going to generate you multiple streams of income online, which is the dream of anyone who wants to make a living online? Therefore, consider to take part in a multi level marketing affiliate program if you can.

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