Improve Your Website’s Organic Ranking

How To Improve Your Website’s Organic Ranking

If you ever wondered, “How could I increase my website’s visibility and online revenue for free?”, then you should definitely read this article.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice designed to help online businesses and websites achieve higher organic rankings. Higher rankings often mean higher brand visibility, more website traffic, and increased online revenue. On average, most people hardly ever browse past the third results page. so it is crucial to organically rank on these pages.

In this article, I will discuss 4 simple ways to increase your organic rankings without spending a fortune.


1. External Linking

This is perhaps the most important factor of your organic rankings. Search engines view the World Wide Web as a social gathering of thematically-related websites. Thus, each in-bound link to your website is considered a “vote” denoting your website’s popularity within its specific industry.

Each of these “votes” also denote your website’s contribution to the online community. And shows search engines that your site is viewed as relevant by other important members of your industry.

Website organic rankings are heavily influenced by these links, and the quality, relevance. And reputation of a site’s inbound links have been shown to be critical elements within search engine organic ranking algorithms. To secure top rankings for competitive traffic-driving terms. And keywords it is necessary to have quality back links supporting your keyword centric strategy.

2. Relevant On-Page content

Search engines are businesses, and it is crucial that you must understand that they want to retrieve the most relevant websites for their customers’ search queries in order to maintain customer loyalty.

This is why it is of utmost importance that that your website’s on-page content focuses on terms and phrases that your potential customers use to find products and services within your industry.

These terms can be found on a variety of online keyword databases.Such as Google Adwords keyword tool, SEO book keyword tool, and Trellian’s keyword tool. Including these terms and phrases in your page content will signal to the search engines that your website is relevant to their customers’ search queries. And in turn, will increase your chances to rank higher organically for these terms.

3. Keyword-Specific On-Page Metadata

Including (above mentioned) search terms and phrases in your website’s metadata is another way to convey to search engines. And your website’s patrons exactly what your website is about and to which industry it belongs. Metadata is not something that web surfers can see, rather, it is data describing the definitions, administration, and structure of your website.

Adding important search terms to page title tags. meta-descriptions, and meta-keywords has been shown to make a fundamental difference in organic rankings.

4. Relevant Page File Names

Another great way to communicate your website content to search engines is including industry-specific keywords in file names and sub-folder names. This method further enhances your website’s argument that is relevant to people’s search queries regarding your specific industry.

Follow these 4 methods as rules-of-thumb when building or optimizing your website and good things will surely follow.Ignore them, and you will spend countless hours scratching your head and wondering why Google isn’t displaying your website.

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