Get Paid to Read Ads from Best PTC Sites of 2017

Best PTC Sites of 2017

Get paid to click (PTC)ads is one of the best option on internet to earn money.

Although many people don’t recommend this method for making money because of low income potential but if you do it correctly, you can earn at least Rs.10,000 to Rs.15,000 ($200-$300) per month by working just 10-15 minutes daily.


If you think this much income is not that much for you by working 15 minutes a day then this job is not for you.

You can go back to the list of online jobs and check other options there. But if you are from India, then this will be sufficient part time income for many of the people.

Best PTC (Paid to Click) Sites in 2017

Here are 2 most genuine sites where you can join & start earning by viewing ads. I am already earning around Rs.10,000 monthly from these sites.

1. ClixSense

This is the most genuine PTC site & I have earned more than Rs.65,000 from ClixSense in just 1 year time.

Its very simple to join & work on ClixSense.

Here are the steps to signup on ClixSense-

  • Just click this ClixSense link & fill the signup form.
  • After signup, you will receive validation link in your email. Click the link to validate your account.
  • Then login to your ClixSense account with your username and password & complete the other details of your profile.
  • You receive the money from ClixSense through PayPal. ClixSense sends the money in your PayPal account & PayPal sends the money to your bank account.

You need to create an account on PayPal which is very simple.

There are number of other ways than viewing the ads to earn in ClixSense.


2. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another website that pay you good extra income for doing number of simple tasks like taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, searching web & reading ads.

You will get $5 as signup bonus if you join from this link & be active for next few days.

3. NeoBux

This is another PTC site you can trust on. NeoBux have millions of joined members & thousands of their members are getting paid on regular basis.

The concept of earning from NeoBux is simple. You need to join the website and then login to your account for viewing the ads.

Click here to join NeoBux

4. BuxP

BuxP is one of the oldest Bux PTC site giving earning opportunities since 2008. It has more than 500000 members & 56000 advertisers. You can get paid by clicking the ads, watching YouTube & other videos, liking a post on Facebook or Google+ etc.

You can join BuxP here, view all the ads daily & refer your friends & relatives to increase your income in PTC.

5. Paidverts

Paidverts is a new website but gaining very fast popularity in PTC world. There is some good scope of earning from Paidverts. You can find lots of good reviews from Paidverts users.

But there is little trick in working with Paidverts.

First you join Paidverts fom this link. Once you join it, you need to view BAP ads and accumulate BAP points. Next day your BAP points will be converted to paid ads & after viewing these ads, you will get receive the cash.

Some of the tips for making better income in Paidverts-

  1. View all the 16 BAP ads (activation ads) daily.
  2. Within 8-12 hours of viewing all the BAP ads, you need to check for paid ads & see all the ads.
  3. If you pay just 0.05, then you will get recycled ads worth $1 which are not seen by other members.
  4. If you earn $1 and buy an ad pack, then its more beneficial for you because you not only receive $1.5 worth ads but you can also advertise your banner or affiliate links or your website (if you have)
  5. Refer people in Paidverts through your referral link & multiply your income.

NeoBux also pay you through PayPal. So you don’t need to worry, you can use your PayPal account to receive the payment from both the sites.

Important points about PTC sites

There are thousands of PTC sites but most of them are fake. Only few of the sites are really trusted & paying their members.

And ClixSense & NeoBux are 2 sites which are powerful and paying their members without fail.

How to Increase your earning in PTC sites?

You can not increase your earning by spending more time on PTC sites because ads are limited and there is no way to view more number of ads than what site is providing.

But there are 3 solid ways to multiply your income from PTC sites

  1. By viewing all the ads daily. Make it a habit to view the ads everyday at a fixed time.
  2. By referring the sites to your friends, relatives & other known people in your group. You will earn part of the income from each & every referral & multiply your income very high.
  3. By taking their premium membership. This way, you will receive double commission for viewing the ads and also you will receive double commission when your referral view the ads.

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