How To Earn Money Online With Google

Earn Money Online With Google

When you are looking to earn money online there are numerous ways, but most of the thing require much work and time. Here, let go something deeper to know some ways to get some cash from Google while we are on Internet. Let’s pay our next Internet bill from our earnings, simple make Google’s to pay our next bills.


Surprised..! Ha! It is neither simple nor a difficult task to do. But with little dedication and involvement in your work you can dig the deep behind online to earn real money every day. It all happens with only if you have an own website or Blog to share or promote anything and a little knowledge in content monetization technique.

How to make money with Google?

Let us start with an example, imagine you are a wholesale dealer for shoes and having a domain that sells Shoes online. In this case, probably your domain will have home page, about us page, Product Description page, contact us page and so and so. You will have some contents in there to let people know who you are? What you sell?

Now your website having some decent traffic and if you planned to earn some money just from your website then you can add Google Ad sense. Google Ad sense is a revenue program that sells advertisement space in your website on your behalf and when someone clicks on those ads, you will earn some percentage from the revenue generated through the ad.

For better knowledge, I will point you one thing. You may see these types of ads on the top of Google search results and even in your Gmail account. All these ads are Sponsored Ads from Google Ad words, and the same to your own website is termed as Google Ad sense Ads. When someone clicked on those ads you will get 68% of revenue from that Ad.

It is not a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme as it requires some time and effort. If you have more contents in your blog, more chances to earn from Google Ad sense.

How much you can earn?

You can earn almost from $0.001 to $10 as far as I heard somewhere but actual you will get $0.001 to $1 for every click and it solely depends on the advertiser who pays. One cannot estimate how much we can earn from Googles Ad sense? But I am sure you can earn decent income to pay your bills often.

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